Building Systems Consulting

As the acceptance of prefabrication and modularization continues to grow in the commercial construction market, more architects, investors and project owners are striving to have building systems technology incorporated into their projects.  Many of these professionals and their contractors have had minimal or no firsthand experience with modular construction.  Commercial Modular Construction Services, LLC is an experienced modular services provider and offers a variety of services as Building System Consultants.   We provide consulting services in the areas of pre-planning, site analysis, financial analysis, design, building systems consulting, and pre-construction services.    

We can provide our services and assistance in any of the areas you choose or be integrated into the entire process from project conception through construction.  We will work with your architect and contractors or provide you with the services you require through our staff and network of experienced architects, factories and contractors.  Our goal is to successfully help guide your project through the modular construction process, to best utilize the available technology and its associated benefits to maximize your project's return on Investment.

Pre-Planning - evaluate your project to determine if it is possible to use modular technology.  If not, evaluate and make recommendations  for the potential use of modular technology.  Determine the best   technologies and design for your project, whether a turnkey modular approach is the best solution versus a hybrid solution using modular construction techniques with conventional construction techniques.

Site Analysis - evaluate your site to determine if can accommodate modular construction.  Factors critical to a site's success for a modular construction project are the main and local access to the site for the shipping of the modules, area for staging and storing modules on site or in close proximity to the site, room on site for the crane and property setbacks of  proposed and abutting buildings.

Financial Analysis - assist in the financial analysis of the project.  Research and establish costs for the modular portion of the project or the entire project.  Assist in the development of financial documents required for investors and lenders, including cost estimates, proformas, cash flow projections and overall project return on investment.

Design - assist in the design process.  Early design consideration and incorporation of modular technology is critical to reducing overall design and construction costs.  The number one reason for the lack of modular technology use on projects is the architect's lack of understanding of or familiarity with modular design principles.  We will work with your architect or provide design services through our network of architects experienced in the design of modular structures.  We strive for the most efficient and cost effective design for your project.  We will continue to be involved design process and monitor the detailed manufacturing plans as they proceed through the engineering department of the selected modular factory.

Building Systems Consulting - provides you with representation with extensive modular experience throughout pre-planning and pre-construction phases of your project.  Not only do we provide many of the services listed above, but also includes our interaction on your project's behalf with necessary project staff and local departments, boards and agencies.  Also, we offer the services to evaluate and select the best modular manufacturer for your project.  We then interface with the factory during the order process, manufacturing and delivery.  We review and approve the final specifications and plans with the factory and assist in the selection and approval of final materials, colors and fixtures. 

Pre-Construction Services - after the final design has been approved and the engineered plans are completed, we will stay involved in the construction planning and preparation during the transition to the construction project management team.  A smooth transition and transfer of information is critical to the success of the project.  While monitoring and coordinating the manufacturing of the modules at the selected plant, we assist in the establishment and coordination of the onsite schedule, and the zoning and permit approval process.

Commercial Modular Construction Services, LLC is dedicated to the efficient and effective integration of modular technologies into our clients’ new construction projects.  We combine our years of modular experience with innovation, imagination and practicality to achieve this goal.